Research of a great online bank

So this blog is irrelevant to the site, but I had to share. I began my research of online banking a while back, due to the charges and fees imposed on customers. After comparing other banks, I decided to open an account with Aspiration Online Bank. I am not writing a review for this company, this is just to share awareness to my readers.

Although there were some bad reviews written during a time they were going through some changes. Nerd Wallet has confirmed the issues have been resolved. Overall, cash back on all your debit card purchases. No fees unless you choose to give donation or use their investment accounts.

I use my debit card every single day as I am sure most of us do, so why not get cash back? Savings account rate is @ 2.0% most banks are .05%. Plus, look for special offers that will give you $100 just for signing up. I am happy to share this personal link and give you the same opportunity to better banking. This an offer for referrals which you can receive also, and additional information if you are interested in signing up. Also, while checking my account, they also refunded all my ATM fees. : )

My previous bank which I still have, is a great local bank, but they do not offer any of this.

This post contains affiliate links which I may earn from purchases without any cost to you. Thank you.

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