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Failure of justice system and Department of Social Services

People always talk about how awful our justice system is and I have heard this for many years. Now, I have finally witnessed it. As I always try to stay positive about the subjects I write about and I do give a lot of credit to those who are working to truly help our children … Continue reading Failure of justice system and Department of Social Services

Protecting our school children should be a priority now

The events in the world today are very unsettling.  The events in our own countries are unsettling.  Since 2009 there has been about 288 school shootings in the USA.  Mexico with 8 and other countries are even less.  This year alone, so far 27 in the USA for 2022 .  Although they are not all … Continue reading Protecting our school children should be a priority now

SAVE THE WORLD…Shut it Down!

We are experiencing very trying and scary times for all Americans, and for the whole world right now. I don´t want to go on and on about this because I am sure you have had heard enough or like me have read an obscene amount of information. We are all looking forward to getting through … Continue reading SAVE THE WORLD…Shut it Down!

What’s the Buzz?

In regards to determining the differences between each, cannabis a/k/a marijuana (street term), CBD (cannabinoid) and hemp. I decided to do the research for my own benefit, probably because I was a skeptic at first, and would like to share with my readers. I hope you find this blog useful. Any products or items listed … Continue reading What’s the Buzz?

Are we all crazy?

Okay don't answer that (haha). This seemed to be an easier blog to write, maybe because the topic keeps coming up and especially since it has been in more recent news. There is a small percentage of humans out there who have been given rights to carry firearms and use them in illegal and in … Continue reading Are we all crazy?

A Parent´s choice

As parents with children that have learning disabilities we strive to get them the education needed to go through their years of school. My personal experience with this has not been an easy task. It starts before grade school, as a baby, who does not learn to sit up at 5 months or talk by … Continue reading A Parent´s choice