Are we all crazy?

Okay don’t answer that (haha), because I believe we are all a little bit crazy. This seemed to be an easier blog to write, maybe because the topic keeps coming up and especially since it has been in more recent news.

We are all born with genes given to us and personalities that grow as we mature. If someone has a gun for hunting its because they do it for sport, (no, I am not a fan, but to each their own) or maybe they need to put food on their table. Others may have a gun because they are protecting their loved ones from bad things or bad people, these people are not considered crazy these are regular everyday people in the world.

There is a small percentage out there who have been given rights to carry firearms and use them in illegal and in horrific ways. Yes, shame on them. Possibly something missing in the brain when born, possibly personality development.

There is absolutely nobody to blame for the people who do these things. Not the parents, teachers, girlfriends/boyfriends, wives/husbands, the world. Blaming will not fix the situation. So instead, let’s think solutions. Solutions that work. Tighter gun control hmm… for who? and punish the responsible gun owners? Maybe the restrictions of being of a certain age and having not been a past violent criminal, yes, but how about ANYONE applying for a gun needs to complete a full psycho evaluation. Sounds simple. But why not?

I’m not saying this is going to solve all of the incidents of massacre because I do believe some incidents could be in fact because someone just snaps, but to me it sounds like its worth a try. Peace & Love

Thank you for reading!!!