Failure of justice system and Department of Social Services

People always talk about how awful our justice system is and I have heard this for many years. Now, I have finally witnessed it. As I always try to stay positive about the subjects I write about and I do give a lot of credit to those who are working to truly help our children that are in need of good homes. On that note: Recently, I have witnessed a situation that I do not understand with hopes that my readers will be able to enlighten me on this particular issue.

An infant is removed from home by DSS for very good reasons, both parents are incapable of taking care of infant etc. A family member steps up and makes the decision to be guardians to this infant until one or both parents of the baby can get proper help to get their life together. This family member has a family of their own with two young children.

After about a month of the legal parents not complying to get their infant back which they had rights to see their baby but did not make any effort. The family member that now has guardianship of the infant has been ordered by the court to travel over an hour, 4X a week for the parents of the infant for visitation. So, not only is this family member caring for the infant but now has to travel back and forth an hour each way for visits to the parents who cannot make effort for the sake of their own baby.

The family member who took this infant out of the goodness of their hearts to keep the infant in the family has two young children in school, and in sport activities, which now has completely interrupted their entire schedule and life. Because of this order from the court, it has made it very difficult for the family to help. They cannot possibly drive 4X a week to appease the parents of this infant, parents who willingly gave up their baby. The infant is then placed into a foster home because it is more convenient for the parents? The parents who are not capable to care for the infant? How is this decision made by the court?

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