SAVE THE WORLD…Shut it Down!

We are experiencing very trying and scary times for all Americans, and for the whole world right now. I don´t want to go on and on about this because I am sure you have had heard enough or like me have read an obscene amount of information. We are all looking forward to getting through this as soon as we can. Thank you for reading.

Problem #1 The Covid-19 virus is extremely contagious and ignorant, selfish, humans live in this world. Therefor, some do not give a shit about anyone around them by going out and acting like they will not contract this virus. The facts of how fast this virus spreads and every possible way that it spreads needs to be made very clear, because unfortunately, people are not getting it in their heads how serious this is.

Problem #2 I believe or want to believe our government is doing everything they can to get some sort of control of this pandemic and not making this out to be anything but for the people and not political. They are telling american people that more medical supplies are coming, keep social distancing, wash your hands, stay home if your sick. Great! and we are getting a stimulus check. What good will that be if we are all dead from this virus? What about …what drastic measures are they taking to stop this virus completely?

Problem #3 Of course people expect answers right away when something is going on in their world, but it takes time for the government to gather up a plan or figure out the right solution. With this virus, I don´t think they even know what to do or how to handle something like this. They are learning as they go, and handling it the best way they can come up with, and do not disclose a lot of information to the public because people would panic.

Problem #4 This is the one that is really something to think about. Retirees, college kids, parents working two jobs are majority of the people who work at grocery stores. These are the people that are on our front lines right now with doctors, nurses etc. They did not sign up to be on the front lines of this pandemic. How can this even be acceptable to put them in such a position? Yes food is a necessity, but it is insane that they are risking their lives to work in a grocery store.

A friend of mine asked me what my thoughts were about whats going on in the world with this virus pandemic. Well, I made my response via text message as brief as I possibly could.

My thoughts are… that because this virus is airborne and can stay in the air for hours and on some objects for days, it is not going to end anytime soon, months maybe who knows, but it is going to take out thousands or more. Not just old aged people. Kids have died. 40-50 year olds have died. Healthy or not. NONE of these countries are equipped to handle this amount of illness. The only way to stop or at least slow the spread is for a minimum of two weeks lock down. Allow people a week or two to get groceries and what they need so there is not any panic and then, stay the hell home. Everything and everyone with the exception of emergency personnel. They should be the only ones allowed to travel around and use the stimulus for that. Itś only two weeks, thatś not long compared to the death rate we are facing. The sooner this virus ends, the sooner the economy can get back to normal. Save some of the stimulus for when we are really going to need it to boost the economy and for the businesses that are affected when this is over.

Thank you again for reading. Be safe and take care !

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