Safer Student Drivers

It´s very nerve wracking as a parent to take your 16 year old child out driving for the first time and send them to driving school for lessons.  It iś also somewhat dangerous to other vehicles on the road who do not realize that there is a brand new driver at the wheel.  

I always wondered why there isn’t any clear safety device you can attach to your car to let other drivers know that you are driving with a teen/ or new driver, who is learning to drive on their permit.  I was glad to find some magnetic decals that you can place on your car so other drivers will notice and be more cautious of the new driver.  Student driver sticker (click link if you wish to purchase these decals)  Where I come from, driving school costs are approximately $400.00 – $700.00 or more and without it, your auto insurance will be much higher.  Maybe the driving schools could consider including these decals with the price of the tuition.  


This post contains affiliate links which I may earn from purchases without any cost to you. Thank you.

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